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What does your Dream Life look like?


I’m so happy that you’re here! My name is Steph, I’m the Founder and Lead Coach at Grow and Inspire Consulting, LLC. Right now you’re helping me fulfill my dream. Thank you! I am a Career Coach. This term means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

What I specialize in is called Passion or Dream Work. I love helping people make the Big Career Move. The one you've been dreaming of but aren't sure how to act on.

People have many ideas on what their Dream Life looks like. For some, it’s simply more time with the people you love. Your job could be anything as long as your schedule is good and your commute is short. You’re a hard worker and want to be treated as such. Work is necessary to fuel the rest of your

For others, you need to do work that honors your passions. You have a specific goal in mind, work that sets your soul on fire. You know you won’t feel complete at work until you’re doing what you love every day.

Maybe you’re a little bit of both.

Each one of us is important to this world. Your ambitions, your dreams, they’re yours for a reason. The world needs your input. Your dream is defined by you.

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