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Meet Your Coach: Steph Talarek

Hey there! I’m Steph Talarek, founder of Grow & Inspire Consulting! G&IC is based on the theory that work is a vital and exciting part of human life. We should all have the opportunity to do what we truly enjoy, honor the skills that we have, and be compensated fairly for our work. I work with Individuals ready to make positive changes in their career paths and Small Businesses who wish to expand on their dreams. Looking back on a varied work history, I realized that the thing that I loved most about each job I've held is the role that I played in both mentoring and advocating for worker's rights. I am experienced in mentoring and coaching for businesses big and small to improve internal communication and make a business the best that it can be. My experience at Fortune 500 companies taught me how to create a business culture of excellence. My experience with small businesses showed me the true importance of supporting every single employee. I've sought out companies to work for based on integrity and community relations. I've used those opportunities to educate myself on how local business, no matter how small, can put a massive positive impact in these communities. I firmly believe that we are more successful together. That motivated people like you and I can put a magnificent amount of good into the world. I am passionate about bringing you to where you want to be. To help bring purpose to your workday.

I believe an inspired person is a successful person, and an inspired business is a successful business. I’m ready to earn your business!

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