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Is this you?

It’s Monday morning. You dread climbing out of bed and going to your current job. You push the snooze button one time too many and feel very grateful to whomever created dry shampoo. While you take a bathroom break to get yourself away from your desk, you share a meme that says, “The early bird gets to cry longer in the parking lot.” It gets 65 likes. You come up with a brilliant idea to make your clients happier, send an e-mail off to your boss about it and get a reply that says, “Ok. Thanks,” and nothing more. A few weeks later at your staff meeting he’ll repeat this initiative back to you as his own. You go out to happy hour with your coworkers and commiserate about how this is the only social time you all have the energy for anymore. You’re looking forward to your day off, it’ll be nice to get some of your errands done.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Work shouldn’t suck.

A global Gallup poll ( conducted in 2019 showed that a whopping 85% of people are disengaged at work. (And that’s pre-pandemic numbers!) We spend, on average, almost 40% of our waking hours at work away from our families, friends, and hobbies. What does the day look like for the other 15%?

As part of my research for my current program, I talked to several people who enjoy the work that they do. Their days look vastly different from the one described above. My wish for you is that your days look less like the one described above and more like this one: You wake up energized and enjoy your mornings fully before leaving the house in your favorite work dress. On the way into work you listen to your favorite songs that get you excited to greet today’s opportunities. You’re so engrossed in your work that you didn’t realize it was lunch time! Thank goodness for your work bff who reminds you it was their turn to treat for lunch and hands you a bag containing your favorite sandwich from that cute place down the street. You enjoy talking with them about the fun project you’re working on at home. You come up with a brilliant idea to serve your customers better and rush off to tell your boss. They have an open door policy and you have a great rapport with each other. They bring up your idea in the next work meeting, and announce that you’re heading the team for this initiative. You’re looking forward to your days off since you’ve got a great day trip planned with your family.

Let’s get there together. Your coach will help you clearly define a goal, design a path to success, and help you achieve it: 20 minutes a day.

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