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Per our commitment to continually adapt and update our course, we have established the G&IC  Course-Auditing Program. Grow and Inspire Consulting will take on one client each month who will simultaneously benefit from and audit our current course.

To reflect our company values of seeking to help where help is most needed, at this time we’ll be accepting applications for this free course first from applicants that have lost a job due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic.

The Policy:

G&IC will take on one client per month to take the Individual Success Course completely free of monetary obligations. At the end of the course, the client agrees to provide honest feedback of the course and remarks may be used in the Public Portfolio for their coach. The client’s voice is immensely important here and will be considered as important as other research to consistently update the course.

The Rules:

To apply for this program you must:

  1. Have lost a full time job since March of 2020 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and consider yourself still unemployed or significantly underemployed.

  2. Understand there is not now, nor will there ever be, a cost for application, or participating in, the G&IC Course-Auditing Program.

  3. Understand that this is a coaching service, not an employment service. It will take a significant amount of effort on both the coach and yourself. Employment is the likeliest outcome, but not guaranteed.

  4. Understand that this program will encourage and prioritize your safety. This means if it’s necessary to take “A” job while we help you seek out “THE” job for you to retain economic safety, we encourage you to take it. We’ll be flexible with your schedule, making as many adjustments as you see fit.

  5. Understand that this is a 4 part course with a holistic approach. Learning how to interview is a great skill. Learning how to crush the interview, and get the job that best fits your skill set while being able to successfully negotiate your pay and hours? That is a whole process.

  6. Understand that this program is best suited for individuals who have a strong determination to switch career paths.

  7. Understand that our mission is only to get you on a career path that suits your skills and your lifestyle while also paying you a wage you can live off of comfortably. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Nor is it a scheme of any other type. We’re here to help. We’re excited to do it.

  8. Understand that this course is one-on-one coaching via Zoom or phone. Part of the application process will be a 30 min Zoom or phone consultation with your coach. We are not able to do texting or e-mailing in place of these contact methods at this time. (Accommodations always made for accessibility.)

  9. Understand that there are limited spots available for this program. Applications will only be accepted until the spot is filled. Qualifying applicants will be put into a pool and selected at random. During the times we’re not accepting applications, you may join our interest list by clicking here.

  10. Understand that at this time we are only taking on Individual Clients and not Small business clients in respect to the course-auditing program. To join the Small Business Course-Auditing Program interest list, please click here.


If we’re all on the same page: 



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