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Grow and Inspire Consulting is committed to contracting work to local individuals and small businesses. We believe that this is the best way to get quality work. We believe wholeheartedly that everyone should seek to #HireYourNeighbors to help strengthen communities.

G&IC would like to celebrate the work of  NWI Portraits on our brand photos. This company is local to Northwest Indiana.  Bridgid-Ryan not only did a fantastic job, she fully embraced Steph's need to climb into (and fall out of) every tree with a low enough hanging branch. She brings to the table years of continual study of her craft, and a happy energy to every shoot. Be ready to laugh and to try every idea that pops out of both of your heads while working with Bridgid-Ryan! The best part for us about hiring our neighbor? Getting updates of pure excitement while she edited! The pride and passion she displays is certainly evident in the finished product! Please reach out to NWI Portraits directly to book your session!

G&IC would like to celebrate the work of Rina King-Criss for the copy for this website. Rina does work virtually from Central Indiana.  Beyond writing some of the strongest phrasing used throughout this site, Rina gave amazing advice and direction to the public communication of our programs. The best part about working with our neighbor? She gave completely honest valuable feedback delivered in a way where you knew it would succeed. Rina not only does copywriting, she is a fantastic college tutor, and performs hand-crafted wedding ceremonies (local to Bloomington, IN) with Love, Celebrated. In fact, Rina also officiated Steph's wedding!

G&IC would like to celebrate the work of Jessica Celebucki for our logo! She used both her natural talent and the knowledge from her graphic design degree from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College to translate Steph's words and background into a really beautiful logo. The best part about working with our neighbor? Jessica really accommodated all of Steph's ideas and directions. She was patient and friendly and worked hard to deliver.


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